Amul sues V S Achuthanandan

After dragging its buttery feet for almost a week and a half hearted attempt to get some marketing mileage from the incident, Amul has decided to sue Kerala CM V S Achuthanandan for his recent branding misadventures. Sources in the legal department of Amul have told Humor Unplugged that it will issue a notice to the CM soon and will follow it up with a $2 billion suit.

It may be remembered that V S Achuthanandan had called Rahul Gandhi a "Amul Baby" a day ago.
Commenting on the incident a hawk eyed legal eagle in Amul’s legal team said “The honorable CM has maligned our brand by associating it with an actor of no positive business consequence to our organization.  The association has resulted in erosion of brand equity created over the years.  We are unable to fathom the intent behind this move by a duly elected representative holding an office of authority. We are therefore left with no alternative but to file a class action suit against the CM and recover the damages”.

Humor Unplugged reports from Bangalore: Reacting to the incident, Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa today announced that each member of Amul’s legal team will be given a plot in Bangalore. When reminded that there was no plot left to give, Yeddy bear shot back “When I said plot I meant I will reveal the plot of the yet to be released movie Hangover-II when the team members visit Bangalore. You bloggers are worse than those fake pilots flying our airlines”. As the CM walked away, his PA informed him that the pilot of the flight that he just took was arrested on charges of flying with a fake license. Yeddy immediately fainted and three huge bundles of currency notes came rolling out from his dhoti.

Certified Congress nutcase Digg-Vijay Singh (who claims the social content website Digg is named after him) meanwhile came hammer and tongs on the Kerala CM. “I have never seen anyone use such a dirty set of words in my life. It is a right wing-left wing conspiracy to smear the center and I have documentary evidence for this but I will share it with the CBI in the presence of my pet Bobo as he is the only one who could decipher the meaning hidden in the set of words chosen by the CM.


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