Kenyan team to fly out of the ICC World Cup 2011

Humor Unplugged reporting from the ICC World Cup 2011. After receiving an SOS from its team in the World CUP, the Kenyan government has decided to evacuate its cricket team. It may be remembered that Team Kenya had repeatedly suffered crushing defeats at the hands of various teams in the competition. Senior officials in the Kenyan embassy at New Delhi have confirmed the development with one official revealing that the Indian government has already been approached to assist the evacuation effort.

When a flummoxed Humor Unplugged reporter asked the official to elaborate, he said “Our team is in dire straits and there are no two ways about it. The team is trapped in the ICC World Cup and we have requested the Indian government to help us evacuate our team from the event. India has extensive experience in pulling its citizens out from dangerous situations in the past and we are relying on this to help us move our team out,” the official said. “I want to remain as anonymous as the IT department guys who leaked the Niira Radia tapes,” he said with a funny chuckle when asked about the level of anonymity he wanted (a process requirement for all sources disclosing information to Humor Unplugged).

According to reports, the Indian government has agreed to the request and kept a Boeing 737 on standby to evacuate the embattled Kenyan players.

Nauru to join World Cup 2015
A London datedlined PR issued by ICC says that the international governing body for cricket has agreed to induct tiny Nauru into its exclusive league of ‘test nations’. The PR says that Nauru will be given 9 Pakistani players, 2 Sri Lankan players and a Bangladeshi in the next two years to set up their team. The only condition is that Nauru should concede atleast one over 400 score and\or one hatrick to the opposition in every edition of the World Cup. Also, Nauru cannot return the players nor can she induct Nauruans in the team for the next 125 years and will have to depend on Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to provide players.


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