If India wins the World Cup

Some people have claimed they will do all kinds of things if India lifts the ICC Cricket World Cup. Here are a few things some others can do to inspire the Indian team.

If India lifts the cup…
• A Raja should return the 3000 bribe he took and the telcos should return 60000 crores
• Emran Hashmi and Uday Chopra should quit acting
• Arnab Ghoswami should start News Hour with a positive news
• Amar Singh should get a plastic surgery done to look like a human being
• Sharad Pawar should quit politics and stick to ICC
• Advaniji should retire to his native in Karachi and take over as caretaker of Jinnah mausoleum
• The Indian government should publish the names of Swiss Bank account holders
• Suresh Kalmadi should do his version of “suicide mausijee”. The only difference being that he should actually commit suicide towards the end
• No powercuts in Bangalore in May
• Yedurappa to donate 10 days of bribes collected by him to the Japan Earthquake relief fund
•  Bharkha Dutt should stop being a journalist and take up the role of a scheming aunty-in-law in one of those SaaS-Bahu serials..


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