We will miss you Uncle Pai

This gentleman connected generations of Indians with stories that were Indian in every respect. Many of us have grown reading Tinkle, ACK, Panchatantra and many more conceptualized and reinvented by our very own desi story teller. Needless to say his death leaves a huge void in the hearts of every Indian comicbook lover. I just can't imagine those colorful storybooks without your smiling face flashing in one corner inviting us to contribute stories, share an anecdote or simply pen a mail.He was the one who made us fall in love with the funny antics of Shikari Shambu, the innocent adventures of Suppandi, the cunningness of Chamataka and countless other characters who made us laugh and learn at the same time.

He helped carve a niche for Indian stories and made them strong enough to take on competition from the likes of Western superheros. Unlike superman, spiderman etc, Uncle Pai's characters were true to life and it was never a problem to identify with them.

Humor Unplugged pays tribute to the genius who brought Indian stories back into the hearts and minds of countless Indians...may god bless your soul...

A big thank you from all of us...


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