S M Krishna’s pet is safe

Bangalore police officials have confirmed that the external affairs minister S M Krishna’s pet mongrel Peeku is safe and sound. It may be remembered that Peeku had gone missing on Monday and Krishna’s family had filed a missing pet complaint in a local police station in this regard.

“The dog is safe. He had just wandered away to escape all the unwanted attention and humiliation heaped on him by other dogs, thanks to what his master did at the UN Security Council. It seems that the dog was adversely affected by the episode and wanted to get away from it all. But don’t worry he is doing pretty well and will be going out for his VIP walks soon,” a senior cop told Humor Unplugged.

Krishna’s family had initially claimed that the mongrel was kidnapped by some groups angry with the external affairs minister's gaffe at UNSC.  The family was added reasons to worry as Peeku had inadvertently seen Amar Singh strip in front of media a few days back. "We were worried that the disturbing visuals would have affected Peeku. But he was instead disturbed by what Krishna uncle did at UNSC. Thank god Peeku didn't see the Amar Singh's episode in its entirety that day. So he thought it was business as usual with our two penny politicians. He was however unable to come to terms with uncle's blunder at UNSC," a family source said.

Thats Peeku wearing his wig


tia said…
look at the hair texture :P
:) better than SMKs wig this one is made in Poland ;)
Sujatha Sathya said…
amar singh's strip tease adversely affecting Peeku!! - ROFL....ur sense of humor is awesome :)
thanks Sujatha :) thank you very much :::)))

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