Pakistan ready with another terror strike, offers to resume dialogue

Sarcasm aside, world’s most terror friendly nation Pakistan, has agreed to resume unconditional dialogue with India. The news is that governments of India and Pakistan on Thursday agreed to resume talks stalled after the cowardly 26-11 attack by Pakistani terrorists.

Pakistan agreed to resume talks with India after two of the most active terrorist organizations operating from its soil confirmed that they were ready to carry out more terror strikes against India over the next few months. Jammat-ul-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Toieba have asked the Pakistani government to keep the Indian government occupied with talks while they carry out their heinous agenda in the sub-continent.

“Yes, I have confirmed our preparedness to launch another cowardly attack on Indian citizens. I have also asked the Pakistani government to keep the Indian government distracted just like 1999, 2000,2001, 2008 etc so that we can send our flunkies who will give Indians another date to remember,” Mullah Gomar, Chief Terror Officer of Jammat-ul-Dawa told Humor Unplugged. He also said that his group’s fan base on Facebook has touched double digit figures (11) and that he was receiving daily pokes from terrorist trainees across Pakistan, every single day.

Mullah Pudding looking
relaxed after the Indo-Pak
Pakistani government, according to sources, has asked the Indian government to once again go into a slumber mode so that it can sneak its terrorists in. “We have asked the Indian government to turn the other way while our terrorists execute their citizens the way they usually do. The Indian government has agreed and asked us to carry out the attack once the talks are over and a bogus agreement has been reached. We couldn’t have agreed more,” Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said.      

Pakistan’s minister for terrorism and nosy affairs Mullah Pudding who on a visit to a terror camp outside Lahore claimed that Pakistan’s terrorism infrastructure was more than ready to support another terror attack.

Mullah Koor (Pakistan's new terror mascot)


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