India & Portugal to sign a speech exchange treaty

In a bid to enhance ties with India, Portugal has requested India to sign a speech exchange treaty with it. According to sources in the nation’s embassy in New Delhi the treaty will facilitate exchange of speeches at major international forums and boost ties between the two nations.  

“It’s a great idea. It’s a wonderful concept and I believe every nation should do something similar. It’s a great way of connecting with each other. I mean imagine you reading a script that I have prepared. It’s a very novel concept. India and my country will be signing this treaty soon and in the future we will be exchanging speeches at various forums,” a Portuguese embassy official said.

Krishna’s wig not compromised  
After the speech gaffe, external affairs minister Krishna has clarified that his wig was never swapped with anyone. The clarification came in the wake of opposition alleging that Krishna had ‘inadvertently’ picked up a wig belonging to an undisclosed head of a South-East Asian nation. “The wig was mine. I didn’t pick up a toupee belonging to anyone. In fact I had double checked it and it had the ‘Made in Chamrajpet’ tag on it. Besides my wig has a skid-proof inner lining made from wheat extract fortified with calcium,” Krishna said.          

The opposition has meanwhile asked for a JPC probe into the whole issue and alleged that Krishna was lying. "I saw Krishna wearing something that was downright shady. It was definitely not a South Asian wig. I can vouch for that fact," L K Advani said.  

"I have four designer  wigs like this. So backup is not
a problem" S M Krishna  


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