How Yeddyurappa can hold on to his chair

Many ‘Black magic’ experts have suggested various remedies for the embattled Karnataka CM to hold on to power. Not to be outdone, our local black magic experts here at Humor Unplugged have also come up with recommendations that will help Yeddyurappa ward off the evil eye and keep his detractors at bay. Here are a few of them…

* On every Monday, wear a pink salwar kameez and a pink bandana with a grey Bermuda
* Run for an hour around the Vidhan Soudha wearing bunny slippers, everyday.  
* On the second Saturday of February, visit a pub and pick up a fight with a bouncer
* Dye your eyebrows with fluorescent dye
* Keep a Himesh Reshamiya poster on the north side of residence to scare evil away
* Transfer one chai-sipping babu every third week
* Make it mandatory for all babus to don a Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean) look on Fridays  
* Ask one of the Reddy brothers to do a Yeddyurappa  Namaskar before you every Saturday
* Change your name to Yeddy Baby on Facebook
* Hold a special screening of Kamal Khan’s Deshdrohi for all legislators
* Get a dragon tattoo done on your nose
* Ask children to wear purple lungi on weekends
* Mark all files as pajama 1, pajama 2 etc…


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