Group vows to send A Raja to Sri Lanka

In a nation where the government has surrendered before corruption, it is now upto the common man to fight what has become the biggest curse on Indian democracy. A group of citizens has formed a club called the Deport A Raja to Sri Lanka (DARTS) club to dump India’s public enemy #1 A Raja in Sri Lanka. DARTS wants make an example out of the former union telecom minister so that future A Rajas will think twice before gulping down 1,55,000 crore.

“The Lankan armed forces have been missing LTTE a lot and so they have started using their weapons against Indian fishermen. We are not expecting the Indian government to do anything in this regard. If Lanka had done this to Israeli fishermen for instance, Lankan armed forces would have been frogfeed in 34 minutes flat. Anyway that’s not what we are here for. We want to abduct A Raja, take him to Chennai, disguise him as a fisherman and leave him adrift in Lankan waters. Let the Lankan navy or whatever they have there detain him and keep him as a souvenir. We don’t want him back,” DARTS chief media relations officer told Humor Unplugged.  
DARTS has already recced Raja’s residence and have drawn up plans to abduct him soon. If the plan succeeds, DARTS will send Suresh Kalmadi on the same trip next. “For Kalmadi, we are also planning to introduce him to Utsav Sharma,” the media coordinator added. On behalf of all our friends in the cyber world, Humor Unplugged wishes DARTS all the best in its path breaking public service endeavor.

In happier times...


Shrinidhi Hande said…
hmm, I'd suggest he write a book "best practices in telecom licensing" when in jail
the only problem would be that co-authors Dayanidhi Maran and Arun Shourie may not join him and Pramod Mahajan has taken his secrets to the grave... :(

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