You know onions are expensive when…

  • Banks start doling out ‘onion loans’
  • Antila's monthly onion bill exceeds its monthly power bill
  • The lens in the camera in front of Arnab Goswami in Times Now studio doesn’t have to be changed – everyday 
  • Pakistan starts exporting something else other than terror
  • Sharad Pawar talks about hiring cricketers for onions
  • They start featuring in Niira Radia’s latest tapes 
  • Rajya Sabha MP Rajiv Chandrashekar is unable to buy enough onions with the dowry he got
  • Film festivals are dedicated to them 
  • The US president gives a ‘state of the onion’ address ;) 
  • Pakistan starts flooding Indian market with fake onions instead of currency 
  • You start getting a kg of onion free with every purchase of a luxury sedan 
  • Breath freshener sales plummet suddenly without any rhyme or reason


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