Mayawathi biopic shooting commences

Humor Unplugged has learnt that Mayawati’s fans in Lucknow have launched a biopic chronicling the life and times of their favorite UP leader. The unnamed movie, whose first scene was shot in the presence of the charismatic UP CM, is said to be based on real events culled from the ‘interesting’ life of Mayawati.

In an exclusive chat with Humor Unplugged, UP Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh said “This is indeed a noble way to honor a great individual and a living legend and to support this cause the Uttar Pradesh government has set aside a sum of 76 crores from the Mayawati Statue Fund for the movie. You can build 1000 statues but that won’t be enough to spread the message of our great leader. But one movie that is strong in script and has the right elements will immortalize our leader in the minds of the masses outside UP. More money will be provided if needed”.

Sources told HU that leading actor Katrina Kaif was initially approached to essay the lead role. However, talks between Kaif’s agent and the casting crew fell through midway as the actress wanted to include atleast one 'item number' in the movie. Deepika Padukone who was next on the list wasn’t too keen on cutting her hair for the role while Dolly Bindra couldn’t spare enough dates for the shoot. Finally, the crew had to scout for overseas talent and decided to rope in a Spanish actor to do the role. The censor board has already decided to give the movie a 'A' rating.

Humor Unplugged has managed to get a copy of a pic depicting one of the first scenes from the movie.

In this scene from the movie, the lady playing the role of UP CM is pillion riding
with her onscreen boyfriend (an unidentified actor)


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