Indian Idle 2010

There are Indians like Dr Kalam who inspire fellow citizens to pursue success with a 'never say die' attitude and bring glory to ones motherland. This post unfortunately does not belong to them - this instead belongs to people who have shamed the country and brought ignominy to their family. These are people who should have never taken birth in our country...but now that it is too late we can just hope and pray that such disasters disappear from public life and fade from public memory. 

Indian Idle, is a contest to determine the nation’s most-hated and loathed people. In its third year, the contest brings together the nation’s most-hated and loathed people on one platform. The winner gets a one-way deportation ticket to Timbuktu and his Indian passport is revoked in a public ceremony. 

The competition is indeed tough this year and only vote will determine who gets the one way ticket to Timbuktu. Here are the nominees for this year's contest. 
  • Suresh Kalmadi
  • A Raja 
  • Molesters Inc. 
  • B S Yedurappa 
  • Niira Radia
  • P J Thomas
  • Lalit Modi
  • Sharad Pawar
  • Karunanidhi 
  • Deepak Kapoor
  • The Thackreys
  • Reddy Brothers
  • Indian civil aviation industry

You can now vote for your nominee on the right hand side panel.


Netra said…
Tough choice..! creative post..!
Humor Unplugged said…
Thanks Netra... couldn't agree more...the list of national clowns just gets bigger every year :(
tia said…
u forgot these :

shobha mat de

swami nityaDANDA

rakshasi sawant
Humor Unplugged said…
Hhaha I said the list is endless re...will have to stick to the bigger clowns here ;)

ROFL @ NithyaDANDA and Rakshasi Sawant ;)
Humor Unplugged said…
Will run a separate contest for the smaller flies ;)
Arun Mathew said…
Journalists were left out... there are also creating enough to be right on top of the list
Humor Unplugged said…
Agreed buddy..but as I said..we are looking at bigger clowns and the smaller fish will be dealt with later...
Apple said…
Woww..Tough competition...I'm sure it was tough shortlisting these candidates too :)

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