Pak to make it mandatory for terror agencies to list on the bourses

Continuing its ‘war on terror’, world’s most terror friendly nation – Pakistan today announced that it will be putting in place many measures to bring in more transparency in the functioning of terrorist organizations operating from its soil. A Pakistani interior ministry official told India’s favorite blog Humor Unplugged that a bill be brought in the next session in Pak parliament to this effect.

The following will be the highlights of the new bill tentatively titled “Pakistan Regulation of Terror and Terrorist Activities” (Parrot) Act.

* All terror agencies to be listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange.  
* All such agencies that indulge in, or promote or are part of a terror activity directed against other countries must necessarily be subject to inspection by Pakistani army or an agency appointed by the ISI in consultation with the Pakistani army
* All such agencies that have been trained by the Pakistani army or the ISI will have to seek approval from Pak army or the ISI or any agency appointed by the aforesaid entities before changing name in the aftermath of a terror attack involving them
* All dingy rides to Mumbai and other Indian coastal towns to be cleared by Pak army (instead of Navy)
* No terrorist or head of terror organization will speak to the media or partake in interviews without the approval of Pakistani army

The new rules are expected to bring more transparency and accountability in the functioning of terror agencies. US’ ambassador to Pakistan declined to comment on the developed and said that his views on the issue will anyway be available for mass consumption via Wikileaks soon. Indian politicians were too busy cleaning up the mess created by a zillion scams to comment.    


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