North Pole angry over Santa Claus incident, threatens to review relations with US

After initial reports of Santa’s pat down incident started trickling in, the North Pole maintained a studied silence, awaiting a confirmation from its embassy in Washington. However, on Friday, as and when the confirmation came, North Pole’s diplomats launched a no holds barred diplomatic offensive against the US, asking all nations to condemn the ‘unwarranted incident’ and force US to tone down its entry procedure for diplomats.

It may be recalled that US had recently detained Santa at one of its airports. He was only released after a complete and through check and a 'aggressive pat down'.
“Incidents of this nature are bad, unwise and unbecoming of a democracy and a nation that claims to champion the cause of the free world. Santa is not just any other individual but an ambassador of goodwill and we are completely and justly angry with the incident,” North Pole’s permanent representative in the US told Humor Unplugged. He also said that his government was in the process of outlining a ‘strong response’ to the US’ act of uncalled for aggression towards Santa.

Meanwhile US’s Homeland Security Secretary Pat Nicely has expressed regret over the incident.

Exclusive pic showing Santa being searched at a undisclosed US airport.  


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