Wardrobe malfunction issue rocks Lok Sabha, proceedings stalled

Our busy, highly competent and intellectually well endowed parliamentarians came up with another issue of national interest for discussion in the Lok Sabha today. Proceedings in the ‘lower’ house of parliament were stalled, thanks to opposition members raking up the issue of a B-grade bollywood actress’ wardrobe malfunction that happened a few days ago. The issue caught the attention of our law makers who used it to put more pressure on the UPA government.

Raising the issue during ‘zero’ hour, national moral guardian Chavvani Lal said “this is a matter of shame and disgust for us. The so called actress has torn the moral fiber of the nation with this unpardonable act and it is now upto the government to act to curb and discourage such unethical behavior”. Opposition MPs demanded a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) Probe into the issue, while the ruling Congress urged members to ‘chill’ and suggested a ‘Supreme Court guided’ probe.
“The actress in question is not exactly a star or someone with a high recall value and thus we don’t see any need for a joint parliamentary committee probe. Yana Gupta as far as I know is someone who is just looking for an excuse to hog attention and the honorable members of parliament have fallen in the trap laid out by her,” senior Congress leader Pranad Mukherjee said. No sooner had he finished making this statement, opposition members led by Brinda Carrot rushed towards the well of the house and demanded to know why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was silent on the issue. Opposition members accused the prime minister of being a passive bystander on the issue. "His silence indicates his approval and thats all we know," a furious member of opposition said.

Nominated member of parliament Bhappi Lahiri who tried to resolve the impasse was thrashed by a few members and some went to the extent of snatching Bhappi da’s golden chain but left the task midway as they were unable to lift it. MPs have asked the speaker to bring the offending actress into parliament and allow honorable members to question her. Honorably corrupt members led  by Suresh Kalmadi and A Raja called the wardrobe malfunction episode ‘demeaning’ and urged the government to act fast in national interest. “I can understand if Yana Gupta had swindled public money but, this type of behavior is unpardonable and must be addressed with exemplary punishment,” Suresh Kalmadi said before zipping away in a brand new BWM.

Lok Sabha was adjourned for rest of the day. 

Honorable members of parliament exchange pleasantries during the Yana Gupta
wardrobe malfunction debate   


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