Top statements made by the Indian government after 26-11

The only thing Indian government has done in the last two years is to parrot lines crafted by some fossil babus. The shameful part is that some of these statements have been repeated so often that they have become embedded in the minds of every minister or babu who has to deal with Pakistan and its wicked intentions…

  • Our patience is wearing thin
  • Pakistan needs to do more to curb terrorism emanating from its soil 
  • Bring 26/11 perpetrators to justice
  • Time-bound fulfilment of Pakistan's stated commitments is essential 
  • Substantive and verifiable progress is needed 
  • We salute the courage, unity and the resolve of ordinary Mumbaikars
  • Consequences in case of future terrorist attacks will be severe for Pakistan 
  • Hand over 'voice samples' of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists 
  • Security intensified in Mumbai
  • Pakistan should look at India’s demand favorably 
  • Pakistan should dismantle terror camps existing on its soil 
  • We have handed over another dossier on 26-11 to Pakistan 

God, please dispatch at least a few politicians who can walk the talk. We have has enough of statements and now is the time to act.


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