Corrupt Now – the new channel from Times TV; Kalmadi turns anchor

Bowing down to the increasing spread of corruption in India, country’s premier broadcaster Times Television today announced the launch of a channel dedicated to corruption. Corrupt Now, the new news and lifestyle channel from Times TV will air content dedicated to and focused on corruption.

Announcing the launch, Arnab Ghostsawme, Chief Editor, Times TV said “There’s so much news related to corruption trickling in every minute and it is not possible to poke my pen at each one of them when you have to cover other news also. That’s why we have decided to launch a channel dedicated to covering news on corruption”. “That’s all hogwash”, said a senior Times TV employee. “Look the truth is the fight for corruption is now officially over. In India we cannot win over corruption. We stand a chance against terrorism as we are more united against it. But we simply cannot defeat corruption and that’s why Times TV decided to use it as a revenue stream and as a vehicle to increase the reach of its channels,” he said.  

Kalmadi makes his debut
Corrupt Now has pulled off a coup of sorts by getting CWG OC Chief Suresh Kalmadi to do a show for the channel. The show called ‘Con banega crorepathi, modeled on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ will have Kalmadi asking questions on corruption to participants. The participants will be bagging a tender at each step and the bumper prize will be a tender worth 1 crore.  


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