Can financial infidelity be another excuse for a divorce?

It was just another day in the cubicle-bound life of Tawatchai Chidchob (name changed) in Bangalore till he ‘got mail’. His wife had slapped a divorce notice on him alleging that Tawatchai was ‘financially unfaithful’ to her. The bolt from the blue almost knocked Tawatchai from his chair and it took him almost three hours to recover.

Some joker has even written
a book on this
“Yes, I agree that I forgot to give my food coupons to her. I had forgotten to take them with me and they were sitting in my drawer in the office. But for a crime of this tiny magnitude, a divorce is indeed a huge punishment” Tawatchai said. Recollecting the events of the day Tawatchai said “That evening when I went home, my wife asked me to hand over the coupons and I told her I will get them tomorrow. But instead of chilling, she just took off, questioning my loyalty, integrity and financial commitment. Before I could rue the end of my carefree single days, she was gone, off on a self imposed exile to her parents place. She even took our pet Bobo with her and that’s what hurt. The next thing I remember is seeing this divorce notice sent by her lawyer”.

Humor Unplugged has learnt that the instances of spouses questioning the financial commitment of their other halves has increased by leaps and bounds since Times of India published a report on the issue a few days back. Lawyers are having a field day with increasing number of people approaching them for a legal recourse on the issue. “The other day a lady walked in asking me to get her a divorce because her husband had forgotten to collect some change from the local grocery shop. This is becoming an epidemic and to be honest, I actually didn’t have too many problems with it till my wife served me a divorce notice,” a local lawyer told Humor Unplugged.

Prominent political joker and overall clown Lallo Prasad Yadav gave us his take on the whole issue. “What’s wrong with the world? In my days we only used to be financially unfaithful to the government and today people are becoming financially disloyal to any tom, dick and harry”. Recognizing the severity of the issue, the UPA government has instituted a high power committee spearheaded by Mamta Banerjee to look into the issue and suggest legal and non-legal remedies.  


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