China unveils new anti-democracy mascot

In wake of Chinese democracy activist Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize, China’s political top brass has moved quickly to contain the perceived damage caused by the event. After directly threatening nearly 125 countries and hacking the official websites of 8 countries who praised Liu, China has decided to use the soft power of media to spread anti democracy messages within its zombie population and China watchers outside its borders. .

A surprisingly cheerful looking
Wai Yu Soo Dum
Wai Yu Soo Dum, that’s the name of the new anti democracy mascot unveiled by China on Friday to counter what it calls “the whispers of the democratic whimpy whiners". Speaking at a function organized to release the mascot, Chief Chinese Propaganda In Charge Yukk Thoo Chin said “This is indeed a landmark day for every hegemonic, insecure autocratic regime out there. Our aim is to show that even if they give a Nobel Prize to every Chinese dissident out there, we will bounce back, act anxious and jail a million more citizens in our amendment camps spread across the length and breadth of our pious nation”.

According to prominent China watchers, the mascot is latest in a series of steps taken by that country to demonstrate its allergy to democracy.

“This is just the beginning. Going forward we will also have mascots for milk contamination, heavy metal infested toys, cheap counterfeit hardware and intrusion,” Thoo added.


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