Jamat ul Dawa issues warning to Suresh Kalmadi

Pakistan-backed and funded terror organization Jamat-ul-Dawa has threatened to ignore the upcoming Common Wealth Games, if the infrastructure is not up to the mark and does not meet the games deadline. The threat was issued during a massive rally organized by the group in Islamabad on Friday.

“We have had enough. If the stadiums and supporting infrastructure is not ready by the next two weeks, we will boycot the games and our men will not participate in any terror attacks directed towards the same,” Jamat-ul-Dawa spokesperson said.

Sources close to JuD say that a recee team sent by the world’s second most famous terror agency to the games venues returned with dissapointing reports on poor infrastcuture coupled with offical apathy and corruption. Apparently, JuD chief Hafiz Saeed blew his famous shoe lace wig sky high when he heard about the pathetic state of the games’ infrastructure. Saeed has asked his men to ignore the Common Wealth Games, unless there is a ‘drastic improvement’ in the situation.  

Pakistan was betting big on the games, with the JuD preparing 5 teams of specialist terrorists to target the games infrastructure. The terroists, most of whom were trained extensively in drop and run tactics are equally disappointed at the turn of events. “When I took up this offer, I was made to sign a bond with ISI and JuD stating that I will not leave the group for the next 5 years and that in the event I decide to do otherwise, I will have to shell out 95 percent of the training money. Now that the onsite opportunity is not on, my training has become redundant. Not only will I not be blowing anything up, but I wont be able to switch to another terror agency in case I receive a better offer,” a dejected Pakistani terrorist said.

JuD’s top brass along with ISI honchos are expected to meet later this week to decide on a future course of action.


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