Hafiz Saeed is headed to UN as Pakistan's representative

Pakistan’s son of soil, Jamat-ul-Dawa chief and true blue Pakistani terrorist Hafiz Saeed will be heading the country’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly to be held in New York. According to an Islamabad datelined press release issued by the country’s foreign affairs ministry, the delegation will head to the Big Apple in a few days. It however remains to be seen how the US will welcome a certified terrorist on its soil.

Humor Unplugged has learnt that Pakistan is taking the matter very seriously and pushing US to grant Saeed a visa at the earliest. US, sources say has been dragging its feet on the issue and has repeatedly asked Pakistan to provide a 'believable business justification' for hosting th e26-11 terrorist.

“Hafiz has done Pakistan proud on many occasions. He is exactly what Pakistan stands for today – a persistent irritant in a nation driven by hate, jealousy and ego. By orchestrating terror attacks directed against India and effectively hiding the Pakistani hand in it, he has delivered every KRA marked against his name by the Pakistani government and the ISI and this is the time to reward him. By joining our team, Saeed will now be helping my ministry chart its future course in international waters,” said Shah Mehmmod Qureshi Pakistan’s loud mouth foreign minister.

Saeed and his terror team in Islamabad have welcomed the decision. “Pakistani government has reposed their faith in my abilities. I will respond to this by living up to the expectations and give the role my best shot,” Saeed said.    

“Pakistan is trying to prove a point by sending a terrorist to the UN. They are saying go ahead and do whatever you can we will not be cowed down. As long as the major global powers ignore Pakistan’s stellar role in propagating international terrorism using state machinery, that country will go ahead and do its worst. I wont be surprised if their terrorists start attacking a wide range of nations, outside their traditional realm in the near future. China, I would say,  needs to be really worried now as Pakistani activities in their restive provinces such as Xinjiang have been increasing offlate. We should also not forget the fact that Pakistan is today the biggest asylum for some of the most wanted terrorists in the world,” a Singapore based security expert told Humor Unplugged over a Skype chat.


Junjie said…
Funny article as always, Pakis those people survive on trouble, in land of Pakis it is a way of life, a tradition, a means of livelihood and a passion to create trouble. Children there look up to be a good Muslim, they will one day blow themselves up, or rape a burkha clad woman and then stone her. be a irritation to rest of the world. Aim to end themselves and take others with them.
No two thoughts about it, Muslims are trouble, they should be made to accept our ways if not eliminated. Lets stop pretending.
Prayukth j said…
Hi dude, I agree, Pakistan is the biggest problem that the world is facing today...

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