Excuses for Omar Abdullah to quit

Jammu and Kashmir CM Omar Abdullah is easily one of the worst CMs in India at present. We are talking about a guy who walks with his resignation letter in his pocket. Right now the dude is threatening to resign over lifting of AFSPA in J&K. Humor Unplugged supports this desire of Omar and we feel he should indeed be thrown out of office. The Indian government must not just remove him from office but also ensure that the Abdullah family is banished to Qatar at the earliest, lock stock and barrel. While that happens, Humor Unplugged suggests a few more flimsy reasons which could make Omar quit.

Omar threatens to resign because…
• The invisible mode on his gtalk is not working
• No one commented on his last tweet
• Someone threw a Nike at him; our dude prefers Reebok
• No one opened a fan page for him on Facebook
• His hair rejuvenation cream is not working
• He couldn’t go and play golf in UK during the crises like his father (His father was playing golf there while the Indian army was thrashing pakis in Kargil 11 years back)
• His weekends are being spoilt because of the agitation
• He is not being called for interviews by TV channels anymore
• His Blackberry messenger is not working
• Mahesh bhatt refused to make a movie on him
• His out of office is not working


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