What if Pukistan had snatched whole of J&K in 1947?

Lets go back in history and imagine if Pakistani terrorists had managed to annex whole of Jammu and Kashmir. What would the state have looked like today? Here is a 98 percent accurate picture:

• Pakistani cronies would have given away 3\4ths of J&K to China
• Minorities in Jammu and Ladakh would have been wiped out
• A nuclear weapon testing facility would have come up in Leh
• Pak would have commenced ethnic cleansing to reduce the population of Kashmiris (ala what happened in Bangladesh in the 70s) 
• Mulllah rule would have prevailed in large parts of the state with terrorism turning into its prime export commodity
• 65 percent of J&K’s population would comprise Punjabis
• A quarter of the state’s territory would include highways and rail tracks connecting Pakistan with China    
• A GHQ owned and operated military puppet would have ruled the state with an iron grip
• Persecution of shias would have reduced the population of this community in the state
• Osama would have made J&K his base after being chased out of Afghanistan
• Most Kashmiris would have been terrorists or hackers or talibani mullahs

And last but not least, Kashmiriyat would have become extinct.

Pakistan itself doesnt have a future and barks about 'bagging' Kashmir everytime.It should first try and convince states other than Punjab to stay within the Pakistani federation. What does Pakistan have to talk about after 6 decades of freedom? Its citizens shy away from disclosing their country of origin when traveling overseas. All said and done Pakistan is what happens when states are formed on religious lines...


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