Superbug was a reference to Suresh Kalmadi: British Scientists

British scientists have clarified that the ‘superbug’ mentioned in the medical journal, The Lancet, is actually none other than the chairman of the Common Wealth Games Organizing Committee Suresh Kalmadi.  The clarification came in an addendum to the report published by a group of UK scientists today morning.

“Yes, we would wish to clarify our position once and for all. There is no superbug. It is just that Kumarswamy Kartikan, the co author of the report was too engrossed in a report on corruption in the Common Wealth Games and got carried away. When he returned to his laptop, he created the story of a drug resistant superbug, which originally was none other than Suresh Kalmadi, who according to Kartikan was resistant to accountability, morality and ethics. We are currently investigating the incident to ascertain how this story made its way into the report and got published. The superbug in reality represents a figment of Kartikan’s pathetic imagination” a press note issued by the journal on behalf of the scientists said. 

Kumarswamy Kartikan, the co author of the report is a graduate of the Deve Gowda Institute of Weird Sciences. In his previous job, he had helped none other than Dr. R.K. Pachauri Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change author his controversial report that claimed that the Himalayan glaciers could melt away by 2035, causing a lively furore.    

Kartikan meanwhile has been arrested by Bangalore police on Friday on charges of causing public nuisance. He was however released on bail after furnishing a DVD of the movie Inception and tickets for Peepli Live. He has been remanded to multiplex custody till next Friday.

Indicating his willingness to put the whole incident behind, Lancet has given away a specially crafted superbug plaque to Suresh Kalmadi. 

Suresh Kalmadi receiving the plaque from an unknown guy


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