Daydreaming with DRDO: a must read

Move aside Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, DRDO is trying to develop its own set of Star Wars-like weapons. From laser dazzlers to control rioting crowds to high-powered lasers to destroy incoming missiles, DRDO is working on a slew of directed energy weapons (DEWs).” No sooner had Defense Research and Development organization chief V K Saraswat said this, the entire gathering at a media meet burst into peels of laughter. Some of them had to be physically removed from the venue as they were unable to control their laughter.

Saraswat went on to entertain the gathering with a few more gems like “The aim is to develop laser-based weapons, deployed on airborne as well as seaborne platforms, which can intercept missiles soon after they are launched towards India in the boost phase itself”. No wonder many experienced defense journos did not bother to attend the press meet; instead, a few bored bloggers turned up to kill time and witness kite flying by top DRDO honchos.

Saraswat also released a book written by him on the occasion. The book titled “Daydreaming with DRDO – the world is not enough” is filled with promises made by the DRDO chief. The books talks about futuristic technologies that DRDO is working on and sets aside deadlines for the organization’s scientists to meet. But considering his organization’s track record, it seems as though Saraswat is trying to earn a few bucks on pure speculation.
“We are not daydreaming. We have been working on futuristic technologies and since we are calling these technologies futuristic, they can never be delivered in the present and one will have to wait for the future to arrive before we get these weapons and that is why the DRDO always works on future and not current delivery dates,” a senior DRDO scientist said before his juniors came and dusted him.

The book authored by DRDO chief V K Sasaswat


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