Attrition is hurting us: Taliban

Taliban Chief Execution Officer Mullah Somar has admitted that attrition was becoming a major concern for his organization. Mullah Somar was addressing a press conference arranged by Pakistani army in a remote corner of Bajagur in Pakistan on Tuesday.

“Many of our boys have been poached by other terrorist organizations in Pakistan and some of them have even joined the Pakistani army. This doesn’t auger well for us and the board has taken a serious note of the whole issue and we will be doing something to stem the attrition at the earliest,” Somar said. Taliban, according to sources, has given a 20 percent over the board hike to its cadres a few days back in a move designed to retain key terror professionals.

According to Pakistani government sources, attrition in Taliban has touched an all time high of 30 percent in the last quarter. Trained in money laundering, gun running, drug smuggling and cross border and in-country terrorism, Talibani terrorists are much sought after resources for various terror groups operating across Pakistan. Taliban was under tremendous pressure over the last 12 months to doll out a ‘decent’ hike to its employees, but was postponing the decision as Pakistani army was dragging its feet over budget allocation and it seems like the delay has cost Taliban dearly as many of its key resources have quit and are working for terror agencies like Lashkar, Jaish and even the Sind regiment of Pakistani army.  

“I was on a suicide bombing mission in Quetta, when I got a call from a job consultant asking me if I would be interested in joining the world’s leading Terror Service Provider (TSP). I just grabbed the offer as I didn’t want to look back and stick around waiting for more promises from Taliban. Those jokers cannot even scare a kid, if it weren’t for their weapons,” a former Taliban employee said.    


Anonymous said…
Some of them are planning to go to Amrika after seeing Tere Bin. Others are taking lessons in acting to work in Bollywood
Prayukth j said…
hahah :D well said buddy...well said

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