Pakistan to launch Mullahsat-1

In a bid to augment its terror capabilities, Pakistan has floated an international RFP to invite bids from global vendors to sell a sattelite to it. The RFP will be floated by July 21 and the vendor will be shortlisted by Aug 25 this year, sources in Pakistan’s space agency SUPARCO said.

The satellite to be jointly owned by the Haqani faction of Pakistani Taliban and Pakistani government will help Pakistan develop its terror capabilities further. Among other things, the satellite will be used to communicate with onsite Pakistani terrorists in 27 countries, guide terror attacks, conduct contactless recees of terror targets and help Pakistani mullahs issue fatwas over flimsy issues.

“We have always wanted a satellite of our own and this has proved an impediment to expanding our fatwa operations. After this satellite is launched, we will be able to issue 130 fatwas every day up from the current 24.  We will be able to issue fatwa on everything from weather to inflation. Besides, we will be able to mount more terror strikes in 27 countries, thus increasing our potency by leaps and bounds,” a senior donkey riding mullah in Pakistan said.   

The satellite, christened Mullahsat-1, will be deployed in a slot to be decided soon.


Anonymous said…
Mullahsat? :) great innovation by a blogger.

Man, India must do something quick to tackle this challenge.

You know these Mullahs are immortal creatures like Mullah Umar who is still at large and the whole space and science technology of America, Israel and India could not track him.

I'm afraid this Mullasat will also be as invulnerable as Mullah Umar.

Beware Indians!
Prayukth j said…
:D we have to be extremely careful...:P

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