Diapers cause rash in Indo-Pak talks

Its official and true. Pakistan has confirmed that it was indeed soggy diapers that caused Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to behave in a odd manner at the recently concluded Indo-Pak talks. A rumor to this effect which was making rounds in various Pakistani newspapers was finally confirmed by Pak PM Geelani at a crowded press conference on Tuesday evening.

Displaying extraordinary levels of belligerence proably derived from Pak army, the Pakistani PM refused to apologize for the gaffe and went to extraordinary lengths to defend his minister. “Qureshi was suffering that day as his Mami Poko Pants diapers malfunctioned and he had to sit with a wet bottom for hours. He tried to convey his discomfiture to us, but we were not able to help since our official stock of Poko Pants was exhausted. Finally he couldn’t hold it any longer and had to go insane. Not many of you know that the brave foreign minister has a bad bladder problem and India should not make much out of the outburst of Qureshi as he was only reacting to the suffering he was going through at that point of time,” Qureshi said.

When asked to whether Pakistan had got a mega sized pacifier dispatched by the Indian government to keep the minister quiet, Geelani said yes. But he said that the minister had other issues to deal with. He also confirmed that a fresh stock of Mami Poko Pants had been procured from US and sent to Qureshi. Geelani also asked India to let bygones be bygones and come to the negotiating table again. “I have given an assurance to the Indian PM that we will make sure that Qureshi will not attend the talks unless he has ample stock of Poko Pants,” Geelani said.


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