CBI wants to launch a political party

India’s premier investigation agency the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has indicated a desire to launch a political party in the near future. In a informal chat with media persons and Humor Unplugged, CBI director Ashwini Kumar, expressed his organization's desire to enter politics so that the ‘two penny’ politicians won’t get to decide the outcome of crucial investigations involving their political brethren.

“Yes, when politicians can become ICC chiefs, head sporting bodies and even act in movies, why can’t the CBI float a political party? We will rule this country in a fair manner and ensure that truth and justice prevail in every case. Besides, with one of our guys being the home minister, you can be assured that every case will be taken to its logical conclusion and that no politician will be able to guide investigations towards a dead end,” he said.

However, no sooner had he finished saying this, the CBI director was seen shivering and breaking into cold sweat. It was then that the media persons sitting close to Kumar could figure out that he had got a call from the home ministry and the babus there wanted to recall him to the ministry for ‘deliberations’. Kumar seems to have exceeded his brief and some home ministry babu, whose moles masquerading as media persons were present in the meeting, wanted to ‘fix’ him for his transgression.

It may be remembered that the management of Indian Oil Corporation and State Bank of India had earlier expressed similar desires in the past.

Sources add from the North Block

The Indian government has decided to transfer the current CBI director to the veterinary department. He will be taking over as the new Director of Animal Psychology studies at the Deve Gowda Institute of Anti Social Sciences in a remote corner of Karnataka. No further information was available at the time of going to press.


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