Bundh preparations almost complete: IBM

The national association of bundh supporters, united under the banner of Indian Bundh Morcha (IBM) has declared that the preparations for the nationwide bundh on Monday are almost complete. The association will get into action on Monday and ensure that the bundh is complete in every respect, a release issued by IBM on Saturday said.

IBM has already procured 6000 rethreaded tyres for burning, identified over 300 roads, held over 40 demos and deployed over 1000 stone pelters in various parts of the country. The group will start the Monday bundh with a attack on public properties and will make every attempt to ensure that there are untoward incidents. “We haven’t had a decent bundh in years. It’s been a while since I burnt a tyre or pelted a stone and my hands are simply itching for a fight. Besides, many of the goons on our rolls have been getting restless and some of them have even left IBM for regular jobs. Many of these guys have become politicians. So we had to organize a successful bundh, just to show that we haven’t lost our edge and are always ready for a bundh. Besides the recruitment season is also close,” says Chavvani Lal, VP, Stone Pelting, IBM.

As part of the preparation, has asked retired music plagiarist Anu Malilk to compose an anthem for the bundh.  The anthem, according to Chavvani will capture the spirit of the bundh and will inspire wanton destruction and chaos.

IBM members holding a demo to test their preparedness for the bandh


Prayukth j said…
Hey thanks buddy :D
Smitha said…
How I wish the politicians, and the bundh-mongers get to read your blog
Prayukth j said…
:) i wish too Smita...I wish too...but perhaps they are too busy planning their next move to inconvenience public and bring the nation to a halt..
Apple said…
I'm sorry to say..but i LOVE this one!! PUN INTENDED!! :D

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