Warren Anderson to get Padmashree: President Obama sends congratulatory message

The Indian government has decided to nominate Union Carbide criminal Warren Anderson for the prestige-ious Padmashree awards. In a official press release issued by the Home Ministry said “This award is in recognition of the stellar services Mr Anderson has rendered towards reducing Indian population and for establishing an example for other politicians to follow, when it comes to evading justice and mocking the legal system of our country. Mr Anderson is a shining example for others to follow and our government, the judiciary and the executive collectively, and in complete union, appreciate and admire Mr Anderson and request him to come and collect the award in person”.

Warren Andersen, while thanking the three wings has agreed to receive the award and said that he will be traveling to India soon to collect the award. “My Indian visa has already come and it’s just a matter of time before I come to India. I am spiritually connected to this country, which has spurred my spiritual imagination and taught me plenty of things,” Anderson said. When asked as to what was the most memorable lesson that he had learnt here, Anderson said “that you can buy anything with money and if you have a bunch of leaders, bureaucrats and judges who are ready to sell themselves and their fellow citizen for a small consideration, things will only get better,” a visibly happy and elated Anderson said.

While Humor Unplugged was chatting with Anderson, he showed us a congratulatory message he got from molester ACP Rathore a few minutes back. “That poor guy wasn’t as lucky as me and so he has asked me to review his (Rathore’s) case and suggest a few bribe points to make sure he goes scot free, just like me. I have in fact asked him to join me in Long Island once he goes free,” a confident Anderson said.

President Obama congratulates Anderson

President Obama has congratulated Union Carbide criminal Warren Anderson on his recent exoneration. “You see this is what we here in USA stand for – be it David Headly, Warren or even petty terrorists, we believing in shielding criminals of all sizes from prosecution in foreign nations and we will go to any lengths to ensure that,” a White House press release quoting President Obama said.


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