Pandemonium in parliament, MP calls Mamta Banerjee a Vuvuzela

The Indian parliament today witnessed unprecedented scenes of violence and chaos, all thanks to an alleged statement made by a communist party of India (M) member of parliament.

The member, while participating in a debate on railway safety, said "Mamta Banerjee was as irritating as a Vuvuzela" (a irritating stadium horn commonly blown by fans at World Cup football matches in South Africa). A shocked and enraged railway minister accompanied by a set of her MPs immediately rushed towards the MP (not named here for security reasons), dragged him to the well of the house and thrashed him with copies of Railway budget 2009-11 in a seemingly endless frenzy. Needless to say, the MP, was subject to a forced wardrobe malfunction and suffered a broken rib cage, multiple fractures and went into comma. The speaker of the house who tried to intervene was not allowed to do so by a group of Trinamool Congress MPs who formed a cordon around ground zero and did not allow anyone in, till the commie MP looked like Bhappi Lahiri’s thread mill after two hours of near continuous use.

The MP has been admitted to AIIMS. attending doctors told Humor Unplugged that the man is out of danger. He has been advised to stay away from passing unwarranted comments on ‘powerful ministers’ like Mamta didi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has constituted a Group of Minister (GoM) to be headed by MP Sachin Pilot to look into the incident. The GoM has been asked to submit the report by end of this week. Another GoM headed by Chidambaram has been asked to suggest ways to reduce such incidents that according to the PM were a “blot on our democracy”.

Meanwhile leading telecom operator Airtel has come forward and decided to sponsor the treatment costs for the CPI(M) MP. Airtel spokesperson Zain Mittal in a chat with Indias most read blog, Humor Unplugged said “what was the fault of this MP? He was only using his right to speech and was only expressing himself. We all do that. Infact, Airtel believes that everyone should have the right to free speech and that is why we share our customer database with all telemarketing companies for a consideration. MPs should be encouraged to live by our tagline - express yourself”.  

A picture of the MP released by Airtel


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