Karnataka, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Reddy Brothers

The Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC), owned by Reddy brothers has informed the Bombay Stock Exchange that they have completed the acquisition of Karnataka on Wednesday. The acquisition was completed following the exit of Lokayukta Justice N Santhosh Hegde, the last major port of resistance to the Reddy brothers' monetary juggernaut. With this acquisition, the Reddy brothers will no longer be the backoffice rulers of the state and have emerged as the crowned rulers, whose will will now dictate the future of the people of Karnataka.

Greedy Reddy, the eldest of the two, tried his best, but could not hide his excitement at the turn of events. “This is indeed great news. We now have an entire state for ourselves; can you believe it? I will turn Karnataka into one giant mine…we will even extract minerals from land owned by IT companies. From now onwards all mines will be mine…” he said bursting into a Ravan style laughter. His aides had to sedate him to prevent him from slipping into hysteria.

Shady Reddy, the younger sibling told Humor Unplugged that his family had invested more than 1000 crores in the state. When Humor Unplugged showed him records to show that no such investment had been made, Shady said that he was referring to the bribes paid by him to ministers, cops and bureaucrats over the last two years. Condemning the institution of Lokayukta, Shady said "whats the use of having a official who you cant purchase? Whats the fun in that? I mean everything should be for sale".


kiran said…
totaly they do burden our karnataka,this BJP is supporting them even though CM have illigal mining evidence but bad luck is he wont lock them.every body nows reddy did illigal.
Prayukth j said…
Hi Kiran, in Karnataka, the government belongs to the reddy bros..one of them will soon become the CM while another will move to the center...alas, as things stand, theres no stopping these two...

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