Pakistan will set up a memorial to honor terrorists like Dawood

Pakistan was always unabashedly unapologetic about its role in fomenting terror around the world. Today, the most terror friendly nation in the world went a step further and announced that it will be establishing a memorial to honor the memory of Pakistani and Pak-sponsored terrorists slain in barbaric terrorist acts around the world. The memorial along with a park will come up in a 1000 acre area on the outskirts of Islamabad and will also house a museum containing among other things personal belongings of terrorists and dossiers on Pakistani terrorists collated by governments around the world. 

“Tell me one thing, what is Pakistan known for today? Islam? Democracy? Cricket? And the answer is none of the above. We are known for only one thing, which is terrorism. If it hadn’t been for terrorists, we would have been as famous as Chad or Gunniea Bissau and so we have a lot to be thankful for, when it comes to these destructophiles.  In fact, in other countries, they count billionaires and powerful iconic people; but when it comes to Pakistan, we count terrorists, gun runners and jehadis,” screamed Pakistani foreign minister while outlining the stellar role played by terrorists in Pakistani history.  Qureshi was so loud that he was audible even in parts of Lahore city, even though he was addressing a terrorist group in Muridke. 

Humor Unplugged, India’s number one blog, has learnt that the funds for the memorial will be drawn from the aid that Pakistan is receiving from USA for its dubious role in the so called war on terror. The memorial will be inaugurated by noted terrorist and Pakistani economic citizen Dawood Ibrahim.

Hillary Clinton has meanwhile issued another warning, the tenth one this week, to Pakistan. “We are worried about the increasingly apparent role of Pakistan in aiding and abetting terrorist activities around the world. If another attack on US soil is traced back to Pakistan, we will bomb that nation to stoneage. This is why I am saying they should do such activities in a very discrete manner so that no one knows who is behind a terrorist attack. They should even think of outsourcing their hideous activities to another nation so that the blame doesn’t lie on Pakistani doorstep,” Hillary said at a press event in New York. She had to leave the conference in a hurry as a aide informed her that Bill Clinton was spotted without his pants with a lady in downtown Manhattan.


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