Mayawati wins ‘Baingan’ award

The one and only UP CM Mayawati has added another feather to her bald cap. She has won the prestigious Baingan award for lackluster governance and uninspiring leadership at the recently concluded Misgovernance awards. According to a press release issued by the Baingan magazine, the sponsors of the award, Mayawati’s team scored a massive lead over competition in these areas and therefore bagged the award, effortlessly.

“We have conducted due diligence on the status of governance and visionary leadership across India. We have come to the conclusion that UP government represents a mix of poor leadership, ineffective governance and myopic policies that will place the state firmly on the path to stone age. Mayawati is fit to rule a banana republic like Pakistan and is not able enough to even run a lemonade stand, let alone run a state,” Chavvani Lal, jury head for the award said in an exclusive interview with Humor Unplugged.  

By the time the press release on her award hit the wires, 3 statues of the ‘charismatic’ UP CM had already sprung up in various parts of UP.

DMK honcho and Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi bagged the best ‘save my rear’ attempt award.  Karunanidhi got the award for his bold moves to put pressure on UPA to save the tainted goon A Raja from being kicked out of the cabinet for his INR 45000 crore impropriety in the 2G spectrum allocation scam. “Behind those dark glasses sits a man blinded by the love for his family members and key party personalities. Karunanidhi will go to any extend to save such people even if he has to beg, cry or enter into an unholy deal” Lal said. 

Other winners include Andhra CM Rosiah who won the Chandrashekar award for administrative inertia (instituted in the memory of the late PM Chandrashekar) and Manipur CM Ibobi Singh, who bagged the Lallo award for emerging political dodo.

Proud ministers from Mayawati's cabinet with the 'baingan' award


Apple said…
Do you also think she resembels how her award looks ;)
Prayukth j said…
hahah :D how true appy how true...:D

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