Jihadi Process Outsourcing, the next big thing for Pakistan

Pakistan is enhancing its investments in building infrastructure for training and arming Jihadis in anticipation of a significant growth in the Jihadi Process Outsourcing (JPO) business. Pakistani trade mullahs have predicted that the JPO industry will grow at a CAGR of over 80 percent over the next three years and urged the Pakistani government to do more to ensure that the revenue flow keeps increasing.

National Association of Jihadi Services Companies (NAJCOM), the umbrella body of all Jihadi groups operating in Pakistan has already passed a resolution asking members to work more closely with the government. NAJCOM had hitherto raised a banner of revolt against the government when the latter tried to end the tax breaks extended by Pakistan to Jihadi organizations till 2012. Not only did Pakistan have to backtrack on that move, but the government also had to issue over 400 passports in a single day (a record for Pakistan) to Jihadis who were chosen for onsite assignments to placate the militant groups.

“We have been receiving adequate support from Pakistani government so far. They have not just funded, trained and armed us, but also given us moral support, whenever needed. The fact that we are such an integral part of Pakistan’s foreign policy doctrine gives us ample amount of assurance that Pakistan will not pull the rug anytime soon, even though they are as reliable as Dell’s customer service (industry benchmark for shoddy service including customer support desk manned by technical illiterates),” a senior NAJCOM executive told India’s number one blog Humor Unplugged.

According to informed Mullahs, the demand for trained Jihadis will soar as recession draws to a close and overseas hate groups have restarted the stalled process of scouting for new targets to launch terror strikes. It may be noted that Pakistan already has over 300 Jihadis working onsite in over 70 countries.


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