Indian Horse trading delegation to visit UK

After the UK elections threw a hung parliament, several parties there have requested the Indian government to help initiate the process of horse trading to ensure the formation of a ‘’stable’ government. Confidential documents accessed by India’s number one blog Humor Unplugged have revealed that the Indian government has already agreed to the request and a delegation will reach UK soon to take things forward.

The delegation, comprising several MPs and some MLAs from various states will fly an Air India flight to UK soon. Union uncivil aviation minister Praful Patel has already agreed in principle to divert a scheduled Air India flight to UK to help the cause. The chosen MPs and MLAs who are known horse traders and have sold themselves for a hefty premium during government forming negotiations on many occasions will share their horse trading knowledge to their UK counterparts.

Head of the delegation Chavvani Lal says “This is a great move and we need to ensure that all our horse trading knowledge gets transferred to our friends in UK so that they can also put together a government soon. I am delighted by this opportunity and the fact that me and my family will be getting a chance to visit UK on government expense”. Chavvani Lal, a two time MP from a cow belt state has already amassed assets worth over 4000 crores and is known to hold benami stakes in two IPL teams, all thanks to horse trading.

“I hope to bag a good deal for myself soon and need all the help that is available or can be sought. I have heard of MPs being sold like cattle in many countries and I hope UK won’t be an exception to this rule,” says Kevin Kadu (name changed) elected UK MP who didn’t want to come on record. Humor Unplugged has learnt that there are many MPs like Kevin waiting to sell themselves for the right price, as and when the horse training window opens. 


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