Carbon terrorism will be the next big ‘thingi’: expert

International strategic affairs expert and over all good guy Dr. Hammerschmidst has warned that the world will face a new form of terrorism that will make Al Qaeeda seem like candy peddlers. This new form of terror, called carbon terrorism, will strike at the root of global peace and could weaken the very pillars of our existence, the doc said at a press conference organized in Hong Kong on Monday.

According to the doc, carbon terrorists might act against states by holding hostages, blowing up infrastructure or even engaging governments in low intensity conflicts to attain their goal of reducing the carbon footprint of nations. “These terrorists will use a mix of traditional and unconventional terror tactics to force governments into signing protocols to reduce carbon emissions, use eco friendly technologies. Eventually, these terrorists will make governments do many things they otherwise wouldn’t have and that won’t be good for their respective economies. You know what’s worse? The fact that these guys will be ultimately working for a good cause and that’s scary, as they will be able to gather public sympathy with ease,” Hammerschmidst said.

Hammerschmidst has prepared a report on the emergence of Carbon terrorism after conducting multipronged research for nearly 4 years. He has already submitted a copy of the report that he has prepared to the UN and hopes the findings will be taken seriously.


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