What if the Indian government owned the Indian Premier League??

Lalloo Prasad Yadav, one of the cleanest politicians in India has asked the government to nationalize the Indian Premier League. Humor Unplugged finds out how the IPL would look under GoI management…
  • IPL’s new name will be Jawahar Lal Nehru National Premier League  
  • The cheer leaders will be replaced by Kathak, Oddisi, Bharatanatyam dancers
  • Doordarshan will have the sole broadcasting rights to the event and ads will be aired after every run is scored. Ads will also be running till the bowl is actually released from the bowlers hand. DD will not be responsible for the quality of broadcast 
  • Every team will have slots reserved for OBCs, SCs and STs, minorities and other categories. Only one foreign player will be allowed per team, preference will be given to PIOs. Rest of the players will be recruited through the Union Public Service Commission 
  • All teams will be renamed after local politicians 
  • Each franchisee will have a babu on board and the government will be a majority stakeholder
  • Air India planes can now be legally diverted
  • Minister’s relatives and sulking MPs will be inducted into key positions in the league
  • Shobha de and Mandira Bedi will be banned from coming within 850 mts of a match venue
  • Award winning documentaries on various topics will be aired during strategic time outs  
  • Post match parties will end by 9:30 PM
  • All players will be clothed in white
  • Third umpires will be retired politicians\chief justices of courts


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