Times of India relaunches the Aman ki Asha project

India’s much hyped newspaper Times of India has decided to launch a sequel to the much maligned Aman ki Asha project.  The sequel will be aimed making the Government of India, BCCI and beleaguered former IPL chief Lalit Modi smoke the peace pipe.

“As you are aware, our attempt at milking the India and Pakistan animosity was a big time flop. So we have decided to try Aman Ki Asha at home first and then move on to our neighborhood. Besides, we really didn’t have much to do offlate so we decided to relaunch the project and focus on the BCCI, IPL and Indian government. There is a war going on there and we desperately need to bring in peace,” Vineet Jain, MD Times Group was overheard lecturing a rookie journalist. 

India’s favorite blog, Humor Unplugged, managed to tap into the mobile phone of Sharad Pawar in the wee hours of Monday and listen in on a “high value” conversation.  In this animated chat, an angry Pawar tells Modi that if the latter brings skeletons out of BCCI’s cupboard, Pawar will go hammer and tongs after the former IPL chief and that Modi won’t even be able to find ‘gainful employment’ with the b-grade Indian Cricket League (ICL).

Lalit Modi issues a not so veiled threat
Modi has meanwhile threatened to rally a group of withering stars including Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty and Quick Gun Murugan to support his cause. “Unless BCCI listens to me and agrees to reinstate me, I will impose these faded stars on the country and ensure that they are visible for atleast 4 hours on national primetime,” Modi said, while attempting to flash a faint smile. Responding to this threat, India’s minister for Misinformation and Fraudcasting, Chavvani Lal said “we have taken all precautions. We have instructed all channels not to offer more than 4 minutes of airtime to these former stars. Any channel that violates this norm will be penalized severely and asked to air crime series CID, 13 hours a day”.


Apple said…
i dont understand why we even TRY to talk to that side when they are shamelessly building the hidden route into our country!!

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