Mayawati's matrimonial ad appears in Pakistani newspapers

The Indian government has strongly denied media reports that it had secretly issued matrimonial ads for Mayawati in various Pakistani newspapers last week. The denial was issued by minister for denials on Monday morning.

“I have seen reports that have claimed that the Indian government was behind a series of matrimonial advertisements that appeared in various Pakistani papers few days back. I would like to state that my government is not in the business of furthering the matrimonial interests of individuals. We have better things to do and are no way connected with any ads that have appeared anywhere,” the minister said in an exclusive interview given to India’s no.1 blog, Humor Unplugged.

Our investigations have revealed that over the course of the last 7 days, over 10 advertisements for a groom for an Indian bride have appeared in the matrimonial section of various Pakistani newspapers. A close scrutiny of the ad revealed that it did mention details that could be linked to the UP CM. Our sources in Pakistan have told us that the ad was paid for by a Dubai based businessman. The Indian government according to sources has taken a cue from the recent Sania Mirza-Shoaib Malik controversy to push Mayawati into Pakistan.

UPA’s chief constituent Congress has distanced itself from the whole controversy and the party’s spokesperson declined to come online for a chat on Skype. Meanwhile Bogus Samajwadi Party has condemned the ads and asked for a CBI probe into the whole incident. “We will settle for nothing less than a CBI probe and a garland of atleast 23 crores in Indian currency to be delivered to our leader’s residence by 6 pm Tuesday,” Chabbu Singh, BSP spokesman said.

One of those controversial ads that appeared in Pakistani newspapers


Anonymous said…
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deekay said…
i feel this is a ploy of RAW to destabilize Pakistan...:)

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