Eyjafjallajokull volcano causes pandemonium in parliament

As and when minister for civil aviation Praful Patel rose to speak on the status of flights crossing Europe and mentioned the word Eyjafjallajokull, all hell broke loose. Opposition MPs accused the minister of mocking them and using an unparliamentary word to "abuse" the opposition.

The oppositions grouse was that the word Eyjafjallajokull had "obscene" connotation and Praful Patel AKA Awful Patel had used the word to demean the opposition. No amount of explanation or statements from Praful and finance minister Pranab Mukherjee could calm the angry MPs and some of them decided to take things in their own hand. 

Opposition MP Chavvani Lal who has the unique reputation of being thrown out of parliament in every session since 1985, led a group of MPs to the well of the house and tried to snatch papers from a bewildered speaker. Not to be outdone, speaker Meira Kumar used chilly spray to disperse the mob and asked the guards to use cattle prods to rein in unruly members.  Some members tried to pull out microphones but where electrocuted as unknown to them these microphones had a safety feature installed in them. Whenever a member tried to pull out a microphone, a circuit was activated releasing 180 V of pure current to its holder.  

A few minutes later, the guards were able to rein in the MPs and Praful Patel was asked to continue with statement on the Eyjafjallajokull crises.  The electrocuted MPs are being treated at the Bhappi Lahiri Institute of Medical Sciences in Noida.


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