Dantewada: another chapter of valor written in blood by our armed forces

It was indeed a sight I will never forget. The year 1999, a young toddler lighting the funeral pyre of his brave father, the valiant Sqn Ldr Ajay Ahuja, who had laid down his life inside Pakistan occupied Kashmir during the Kargil war.


Last week’s massacre of CRPF brave hearts in Chhattisgarh brought back memories of the 1999 war. The scene was a bit different this time around since the enemy is home grown and raised by the very soil that has nurtured the brave souls who laid down their lives fighting their cowardly opponents.

For many Indians, there is no bigger pain than seeing its brave sons asleep in coffins draped in national flag with their name, rank and the name of their regiment etched by the side. They were never meant to die so early, leaving behind teary eyed wives, mothers sons, daughters (some of whom are too young to comprehend the sorrow) and unfulfilled dreams. 

While the maoists are nothing but brain dead scum of our country, there is another class of amoeba brained morons who should be shot at point blank at the earliest. Yes, I am referring to celeb maoist agents such as aparna sen, kutti, arundati roy, vara vara rao, sai baba, mahashweta devi etc who call themselves sympathizers of these anarchists. How can any Indian in his or her senses even think of supporting these two penny cowards who are so cowardly that they cannot fight the CRPF face to face and hide in the jungles to carry a proxy war? I can never keep aside any respect for these Jurassic minded protozoans who cannot even tie a shoelace and their sympathizers whose collective IQ must be a single digit figure.

I hope that these maoist roaches are eliminated soon and their sympathizers hanged in public, taliban style. There can be no sympathy for those who are waging a war against our country. These so called intellectuals who revel in displaying their affinity to the so called ideals endorsed by the maoist clowns should be trampled mercilessly. Let it be known that there is no space in my country for such pakistanis.

My thoughts go out to the families of the brave Jawans. I hope their sacrifice does not go in vain. These Jawans have upheld the honor of our country under the trying circumstances and I hope and pray that the nation takes a vow to look after their families and ensure that every need of theirs is met.

Let us also engage these maoists in one final battle and exterminate them once and for all.

Jai Hind.

(Some of the proper nouns in this post have been deliberately written without an initial capital letter to indicate the scant respect that Humor Unplugged has for them.)


Rajesh said…
They are sympathizers because they get airtime for being one. How else will these stale stalwarts hog limelight?

Salute to the Jawans. Appreciate your writing for them.

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