Chinese hackers accidentally attack state server

Over enthusiastic Chinese hackers on a routine hacking mission accidentally hacked into one of their own servers, causing much embarrassment to the government of China. Sources close to the Chinese government told Humor Unplugged that a group of official hackers had indeed hacked into a key server hosting information stolen from government and corporate servers across the world by Chinese hackers.

“Server h86756 which had information we had pilfered from the governments of India, US, Canada and Australia, was hacked at 1 pm (GMT) today. We managed to trace the attacks back to China and further investigations revealed that the attacks were carried out by one of our teams. They thought that the server was a foreign one and had valuable data that would be of use to the Chinese government,” China’s minister for hacking and other unethical online practices, Yukk Thoo Chin told Humor Unplugged.

The group had managed to place Trojans in the server and copy over 3 GB of data before exiting gracefully leaving behind a message for global peace. The copied data was moved to another server for analysis. An hour later it was found that the data was already with the Chinese government. A comprehensive investigation followed and the culprits identified.

“We have closed the investigations and have dispatched the offenders to work in coal mines in various provinces. They will be working there for the rest of their wretched lives,” Thoo added.

UP government server hacked: Mayawathi
Meanwhile, in a related development, UP CM Mayawathi has claimed that a server belonging to the state government was hacked last week, possibly by Chinese elements. "This was the most vital server among the ones we had. This one had information on the deployment of my statues across the state and related expenses. I wouldn't have minded if someone had attacked the education\healthcare\food security server of the UP government; but by attacking the server dedicated to my statues, they have attacked me and my government and I will not keep quiet till the perpetrators offer a garland worth atleast 10 crores to me," Mayawathi said.


InternetHindu said…
Man, I just cant stop laughing when u take on Maya. Keep this going, someday atleast one of her chamchas shud see this :D.
Prayukth.j said…
:) Hey thanks buddy :) her chamchas mus be busy collecting cash for her next garland :P

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