Air India introduces flight diversion form for Praful Patel's relatives

Air India has introduced a new form for relatives of Union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel seeking to divert a scheduled flight. This form is now mandatory and the airline will not be entertaining any diversion requests without the form in the future...Humor Unplugged, India's Number one blog has managed to obtain a copy of the form. Here it is...


Prasad said…
I cannot say how much I enjoy reading your humour blogs. Your thinking is quite similar to that of many other Indians like me who love our country but hate our rulers. It takes a person with a rare humour quotient (which you seem to posess in abundance) to put it in writing in the form of a humour blog. Some of your choicest quotes really leave me in splits.

Keep up your excellent work.

Good day

Prayukth j said…
Thanks a ton buddy...stay locked to HU...for the best as they yet to come... :D

Take care...

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