Sania using Predator drone to spy on Shoaib Malik

India is fast turning into the biggest market for the very same drones that have helped US notch impressive hits in its war on terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to informed sources.US drone maker General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has registered a 300 percent increase in queries from India over the last 7 months and is planning to open a office in the country shortly to cater to the soaring demand.

Ironically, the nation's armed forces are not at the forefront of this surge. Instead, it is the civilian sector that is asking for drones by the dozen and General Atomics is currently focusing on identifying genuine buyers, while rejecting fake requests. The national education ministry has asked General Atomics to supply 30 drones that will be deployed to scan board exam centers across the country. Ministry sources have told Humor Unplugged that MQ-1 Predator drones will monitor various exam centers and report instances of mass copying and or any other illegal activity.

Demand for these drones has also come from people who suspect their partners of cheating in a relationship. Really sour sources have told Humor Unplugged that tennis sensation Sania Mirza has deployed a drone outside her soon to be hubby Shoaib Malik’s house. The drone, to be operated by her friends in Pakistan, will fly at a “reasonable height”, stalk Shoaib and report on any “deviant behavior” to a satellite that will relay the information to Sania’s base camp in Hyderabad. “It (the drone) will be monitoring Shoaib through thermal imaging based on heat data on the Pakistani cricketer obtained clandestinely by Sania’s family,” a source close to Sania said. 

Former Air Dhakkan Chief Topinath has placed an order for 100 drones. Topinath will be using these to start a new airline exclusively for pets called Pet Airways, jointly with Dawood's right hand man in India Naresh Go-yell. The airline will initially operate in peak routes to ferry mongrels, felines, squirrels and other pets with limited inflight entertainment and food.


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