Pak’s Meaow will cost US $6 bn

After milking the US for its bogus war on terror, Pakistan has now come up with a new ponzy scheme to keep the moolah flowing. At a secret meeting in Karachi on Friday, the top brass of Pakistani army, the government, the ISI and representatives from the Pakistani Terrorists Association (PATA) agreed to start the next phase of activities to get more funds from the US.

Your only source for reliable inside information, Humor Unplugged, has learned that Pakistan will be launching a project called Militia Engagement Against Organized Warfare (MEAOW) to take on ‘militants’ who are well entrenched in the interior areas of FATA province. These militants will be none other than retired Pakistani armymen in disguise. The modus operandi is simple – firstly, Pakistani army men in guise of militants will hide in various corners of FATA. Then, Pak will pretend to mobilize rehabilitated militants to take on these “militants” and after a staged conflict, which will be as bogus as Pak’s commitment to the war on terror, that nation will claim victory. Following this a huge bill of US$ 6 billion will be presented to USA for reimbursement. Everything about this war will be fake, including bullets and the sound of firing (played from laptop speakers). 

Speaking to HU after the meeting, Pakistan’s Bogus War spokesperson Chaudary Bhoghash Cann said “this is a landmark day in the history of Pakistan. Project MEAOW will help us run the country for the next 5 years and also line up the pockets of our money hungry army guys. You see here in Pakistan, the only productive industry we have is terrorism. We have to make sure that we do everything right to make sure that the industry brings in money to run our economy and there cannot be any compromise on this front”.


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