Pak asks Russia to hand over dossiers on Moscow blast accused

After it was proven beyond doubt that the recent spate of bombings to hit Russia were linked with his country,  Pakistan’s loud mouth foreign minister Qureshi has asked Russia to start providing dossiers on the accused at the earliest.  Pakistan has claimed that it wont be able to do anything till the dossiers start flowing from Moscow to Islamabad.

“As part of the established process we follow here, I issued a denial of Pakistan’s role in the event even before fingers were pointed at us. But, as soon as it was established beyond doubt that Pakistanis were indeed behind the attack, we swung into action. I wrote to my Russian counterpart and asked him to send us dossiers on the accused. We will start ignoring all requests to prosecute the suspects or even deport them after that,” Qureshi told Humor Unplugged over a Skype chat.

Condemning the attack, Qureshi said “this is the most barbaric and inhuman attack I have ever seen. We are indeed appalled by the magnitude of the attack and offer our condolences to the family of those affected by the attack,” Qureshi said before dashing off to attend an event organized by the Association of Chechen Terrorists in Pakistan.

Dossier museum to come up soon
Pakistan has decided to set up a museum dedicated to dossiers received from nations affected by terrorist attacks emanating from Pakistani soil. Pakistan, according to sources, has already received over 70 dossiers from India alone and is expecting the collection to grow in the days to come as more terror attacks happen across the globe.

“We have been accused of not doing enough on the war on terror and this move shows that we are as serious as Mr. Bean when it comes to the war on terror. I have invested more time on war on terror than on following the guy who is often found hiding underneath my bed on occasions when I come back suddenly from office without informing my wife…I am still trying to figure out as to what he does there. Besides, as a nation, the war on terror is a golden goose for us…so don’t expect us to kill it or ignore it in the short term,” Qureshi said.


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