I am allergic to scripts: Mahesh Bhatt

Former director and the voice (or should we say noise) of bollywood, Mahesh Bhat has had one tumultuous year in 2009. How has the man changed over the year and how did he manage to hold his head high amidst the calamity? Rajcreep find out for Humor Unplugged.

RS: What was your first reaction when you were told that your son has been linked to Jihadi Headley?
MB: When I first saw the article, I thought that this was a fit piece for a movie. I immediately called up Emran (Hasmi) and Pooja (Bhatt). We had unanimously decided to turn this into a movie thinking it was some other Rahul and some other Mahesh. But when we started shooting, a spotboy pointed out that the people in question were none other than me and my son. I was shocked and disappointed beyond belief…

RS: So the Jehadi link did get you down…
MB: No, not that silly, the fact that we had lost a movie plot – that’s what bothered me. It will now be months before we get another one..this is a major loss…yeah the jehadi link was also something of concern…but then it did give some media mileage so all is forgiven.

RS: So these newspaper articles are akin to scripts to you…
MB: I don’t work with scripts…I am in fact allergic to them. My stories are all out there in print…my job is just to animate them using Emran Hashmi. The moment you prepare a script, you can the original story and that’s bad. I believe in being as natural as possible…in fact we even have the original reporter join us as a consultant.

RS: You are viewed as the voice of bollywood…
MB: That’s right…my mouth is open 24X7 there is a group of flies that reside there. Besides unlike others, I am quite available at all times..no wonder I have had so many relationships…in fact I miss them all (starts laughing and falls off his chair). I share my opinion irrespective of whether people ask for it or not.


Mahesh itchy Butt has been an irritant all te while be it be his culture defying movies, his pro-Pak sentiments or his son everything is strange around him. Wonder how is he surviving
Apple said…
Some have teh knack of being in teh limelight..no matter what!!

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