More minorities want reservation in West Bengal

In what could be termed as a development, one more group havs asked West Bengal government to provide reservation to its members as they are “super minorities”.

The group being referred to here is the Himmesh Reshmiya, Dino Morea and Emran Hashmi (HIDE) fans association.  “We have only four members in our community and are not so well off as all of our members are challenged, when it comes to acting skills. We want the government to extend the benefits of reservation to us, so that we can also become contributing members of the society,” HIDE spokesperson Mahesh Bhatt said.

Mahesh claimed that the HIDE members were not just minorities, but also belonged to a unique stratum of society that desperately needed upliftment. Meanwhile, West Bengal’s minister for minority appeasement, vote bank management and divide and rule politics, Chavvani Das has accepted the request and said that the his government will view the same favorably. “We don’t have any place for talent, acquired skills and hard work; instead we want to promote certain sections of society who can fetch us votes and that’s our strategy,” Chavvani said.

HIDE has CCed the request to the Andhra Pradesh government.


Apple said…
and let them stay in HIDING only!! :D :P ;)

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